McVeigh One-Name Study

Genealogy and data on the McVeigh surname and variants including McVey, McVea, McVeagh and McVay

Texas, USA


Tree: James Lawrence McVeigh Family Tree

Latitude: 31.4627341666667, Longitude: -99.3330380555556

Tree: McVeigh One Name

Latitude: 31.4627341666667, Longitude: -99.3330380555556


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 McKay, Archie  Jan 1873Texas, USA I1348
2 McKay, Daniel  Abt 1865Texas, USA I1340
3 McKay, Florence  Abt 1866Texas, USA I1343
4 McKay, Gilchrist "Gill"  Abt 1861Texas, USA I1346
5 McKay, Ida Belle  Jun 1879Texas, USA I1344
6 McKay, John P.  Apr 1875Texas, USA I1341
7 McKay, Sallie  Abt 1863Texas, USA I1345
8 McKay, Sarah  Abt 1858Texas, USA I1347
9 McKay, Thomas E  Abt 1856Texas, USA I1342
10 Moseley  Texas, USA I1242
11 Moseley  Texas, USA I1254
12 Rogers, Martha "Mattie"  1 Mar 1875Texas, USA I1239
13 Rogers, Martha "Mattie"  1 Mar 1875Texas, USA I1252
14 Shaw, Effie K.  Abt 1868Texas, USA I1328
15 Urquhart, Allen  11 Sep 1866Texas, USA I1193
16 Urquhart, Allen  11 Sep 1866Texas, USA I1205
17 Urquhart, Angus M.  Abt 1875Texas, USA I1198
18 Urquhart, Angus M.  Abt 1875Texas, USA I1210
19 Urquhart, Anna  Abt 1870Texas, USA I1200
20 Urquhart, Anna  Abt 1870Texas, USA I1213
21 Urquhart, Ben H  Feb 1881Texas, USA I1197
22 Urquhart, Ben H  Feb 1881Texas, USA I1209
23 Urquhart, Desdemona "Dessie"  26 Aug 1877Texas, USA I1195
24 Urquhart, Desdemona "Dessie"  26 Aug 1877Texas, USA I1207
25 Urquhart, John H  Abt 1868Texas, USA I1199
26 Urquhart, John H  Abt 1868Texas, USA I1211
27 Urquhart, John M  31 Dec 1844Texas, USA I1196
28 Urquhart, John M  31 Dec 1844Texas, USA I1208
29 Urquhart, M P  Abt 1840Texas, USA I1238
30 Urquhart, M P  Abt 1840Texas, USA I1251
31 Urquhart, Margarette L.  Abt 1873Texas, USA I1194
32 Urquhart, Margarette L.  Abt 1873Texas, USA I1206
33 Urquhart, Robert Henry  Abt 1846Texas, USA I1234
34 Urquhart, Robert Henry  Abt 1846Texas, USA I1247
35 Williams, William L  Abt 1880Texas, USA I1595


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 McLamore, Matilda H  8 Feb 1890Texas, USA I1376
2 Moseley  Texas, USA I1242
3 Moseley  Texas, USA I1254
4 Pearson, Martha E "Mattie"  Texas, USA I1191
5 Pearson, Martha E "Mattie"  Texas, USA I1203
6 Rogers, Thomas Jefferson  18 May 1918Texas, USA I1244
7 Rogers, Thomas Jefferson  18 May 1918Texas, USA I1256
8 Shaw, Archibald "Archie"  28 Mar 1883Texas, USA I1365
9 Shaw, Daniel W  1881Texas, USA I1118
10 Shaw, Daniel W  1881Texas, USA I1124
11 Shaw, Mary  Texas, USA I1335
12 Shaw, Rebecca  Texas, USA I1330
13 Telitha  12 Mar 1892Texas, USA I1374
14 Urquhart, Allen  Texas, USA I1226
15 Urquhart, Allen  Texas, USA I1238
16 Urquhart, Allen  4 Apr 1948Texas, USA I1193
17 Urquhart, Allen  4 Apr 1948Texas, USA I1205
18 Urquhart, Robert Henry  2 Mar 1896Texas, USA I1234
19 Urquhart, Robert Henry  2 Mar 1896Texas, USA I1247
20 Williams, George B  Bef 19 Apr 1910Texas, USA I1596
21 Williams, Mary Ann  20 Sep 1906Texas, USA I29